About YEn.

Street girls / children  Support

We need more mattresses for our street children and Women.

YEn Orphans

Blind Prevention

Blind Youths

Youth Embassy Net                           
                                   HELP FREE THE BLIND and MAKE A CHILD SMILE

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-Support to build home for YEn Orphans
-Support to get musical instruments for YEn Blind Choir
-Support to build water pipes for discovered villages
-Support for the treatment of CATARACTS and Other Blind diseases
-Educational materials
-Tri-set for eye lenses check
-Bed spreads and covers
-Bowls and caps

The Youth Embassy Net (YEn) is a charitable organization funded in 2004 by Kumi Ofori-Addo supporting hundreds of Orphans, streetchildren and women, Blind handicaps and people with sight problems within remote areas in Ghana.
YEn for the past 7 years is helping rural children who need support in their educational materials such as books and school desks, uniforms and fees. Over these years YEn with it charitable volunteers has been exploring villages in Ghana to give maximum support also to the YEn Health net research/Treatment unit through donations for treatment such as operations on people with bad sight within villages in Ghana. The Organization focus well also on the future development of Blind handicaps through Job and talent creation. Opportunities are created for the Blind Youths under the Organization sponsorship to achieve their goals and have a source in creating jobs Income.