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1000Usd worlth of Items donated to support the lives of  Street girls,women and Children in 2010 By YEn and it Volunteers from

YEn Educational Net Donate Land for the construction of 7 class room book for the children of Nsuapimsu.    YEn since 2004 support rural schools with Educational logistics and materials to promote Good
Educational system
within some districts.

YEn Heath Net and it volunteers project higher by constucting mino bridges for villages inconection to it water sources.
We are now seeking for Donation to start Good Water sanitational Project by the aid of Our Constration Partners in Ghana.

    2   cataract operations in 2008
    7   catract operations in 2009
132   free eye check in 2009
  18   free eye opertations in 2010
112   free medical glasses in 2010

Regardless of the location of villages, YEn child aid volunteers every year distribute Free cloths to shelther the many children who are not under our sponsorships.

Donate 10usd for Each Street Child Today