Across the regions in Ghana, YEn has about 97 young children who have mistakenly been abounded by their parents and most also Lost their parents. These children range from 6 months to 17years.

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Most of these children are fund on the street homeless; some adopted from late parents friends whom one or the other ways have No financial strength to take good care of them.

The organization has Responsible women and men who voluntarily take good care of these children at all 4 various regional stations within Ghana

The future of these children are shaking therefore YEn Home Net support for Child Aid take maximum care of these lovely but lonely children

Some of these children are sent to school and vocational training centers to acquire knowledge and skills.
These Children are really in need of your help

YEn Health care therefore seeks for supports in any Kind to 
       " Shelter
       " Feed
       " Educate and vocationally train materials
       " And cloth these lovely once.